Perhaps there is no one who is not yet familiar with HBO. It’s one of the extensively watched entertainment as well as satellite network in the United States. The reason behind its popularity is actually a viewer’s choice. It not only carries a handsome range of Shows, Documentaries but also a lot more for families. According to the survey, HBO as of now is comprising more than 54 million subscribers across the US and the number is still increasing. But is it available on Spectrum if yes then what channel is HBO on Spectrum? Let’s find out below!

HBO on Spectrum Channel Number

Very much like HBO, Spectrum flaunts a number of other channels like ABC, ESPN, and others. However, a channel number particularly for HBO on Spectrum varies based on a location. We have listed down all the major cities alongside their channel numbers where one can watch HBO with ease.

It’s important to note that the list, for now, is quite accurate but programs and channels vary due to location. Therefore, finding some changes is possible.

City Channel # City Channel #
Alamosa, CO 301 – 325 Gardnerville, NV 501 – 525
Austin, TX 511 – 517 Greenville, SC 501 – 514
Barre, VT 501 – 514 Helena, MT 301 – 322
Baker City, OR 501 – 525 Indianapolis Area, IN 661 – 667
Bellevue, OH 602 – 609 Kansas City, KS 511 – 517
Benton/Calvert City, KY 650 – 659 Middleton, NH 511 – 517
Berlin, MI 503 – 525 Montgomery, AL 501 – 514
Burlington, NC 511 – 517 Montgomery, MO 501 – 514
Centralia, IL 511 – 524 Moscow & Latah, ID 511 – 524
Cheyenne, WY 301 – 322 New Jersey, NJ 511 – 517
Church Point, LA 501 – 514 North Adams, MA 511 – 517
City of Rochester, MN 501 – 514 Orlando, FL 236 – 242
Cleveland, TN 501 – 514 Oxford, NY 511 – 517
Cleveland, WI 602 – 609 Oxford, ME 511 – 517
Columbus, GA 501 – 514 San Diego, CA 511 – 517
Columbus, NE 511 – 524 Suffolk, VA 501 – 514
Elkland, PA 511 – 517 Winsted, CT 501 – 514
Ellensburg, WA 501 – 525 Yuma, AZ 511 – 517

Didn’t you find the above list well? We suggest you please visit Spectrum’s official website to find the most accurate list of channel numbers according to your location.

Is HBO On Demand Available?

One of the well-famous platforms for users to get immediate access to entertainment is HBO On Demand. It’s not only available but you can watch it too. Simply log into the account and get access to your favorite shows, sports, and much more. So, what’s the wait? Go for it, sit back and take your enjoyment to the next level.

In a generation that seeks immediate satisfaction, online content has gained a lot of attention. You can get unlimited access to HBO On Demand from Spectrum. You can also enter the library of countless entertainment by using your Spectrum’s credentials. However, you’ll need to go for HBO GO Application.

Is Spectrum Offering HBO Go App?

The short answer is “Yes.” HBO on Spectrum enables you to get access to your favorite entertainment on the move. Besides, you enjoy streaming your favorite content with a few clicks on your phone. However, there are two different methods to use the HBO GO app after subscribing to Spectrum. Either you can use your Spectrum’s username or password to access or access content using the Spectrum TV application.

A user can get on-demand content of HBO by using a number of other devices such as Xbox 360, Smart TV of Samsung, Apple TV, and any Android TV with ease.

Cost of HBO on Spectrum

There are many different cable service providers that are offering a huge range of channels alongside HBO such as and more. The most interesting thing is that they allow customers to customize subscriptions according to their needs. The package price starts from $15/month in which one can add an HBO channel too.

Well, customers can also switch to a widely used Spectrum Silver package which also lets you enjoy HBO on Spectrum alongside many other premium channels. Most importantly, Spectrum’s HBO price doesn’t set you back a whopping. You will only need to spend a fair amount – $20/month.

Reasons Behind HBO’s Popularity

Maybe you can get a diverse range of content at TLC and NFL but HBO has a lot more to offer. HBO offers you sports broadcasts, comedy shows, cartoons, dramas, and of course movies. They also provide different documentaries and entertainment for all the family members.

Among all, indeed there is a handsome range of TV shows that HBO on Spectrum offers actually appeal to the current generation. Some recognized names include Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos, True Detective, and Vinyl. HBO also offers a bunch of premium channels like HBO Comedy West, Family West, HBO Signature, HBO On Demand, and a number of others.