Your favorite Show or Movie right on your TV screen at the end of the busiest day definitely makes you feel quite relaxed. However, availing of the wrong Cable TV services with poor quality content may ruin your whole watching experience, undoubtedly. On the other side, it’s also true that there are many Cable TV service providers, particularly emphasizing quality such as Spectrum.

Being a Spectrum’s customer, you get a chance to watch around 200 HD channels including Discovery as well as Paramount Network. In fact, all the content is available in 4K which means it takes your entertainment to new heights.

Spectrum’s state-of-the-art technology with its mind-boggling Channel Lineup is a whole new experience. They also offer its customers NBC on Charter Spectrum in 4K alongside NBC Sports and NBC Universo channels.

NBC on Charter Spectrum

Very much similar to the other channels, i.e., CNN and TNT, NBC channel number varies based on a location. If you have already subscribed to a particular Spectrum package and are looking to watch NBC on Charter Spectrum, we have got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of NBC channel numbers according to the different States or areas for your help.

City/State NBC NBC Sports Network
St. Antonio, TX 3 68
Clarksburg, WV 61
Austin, TX 4 74
Bowling Green, KY 7 65
Lexington Metro Area, KY 8 54
Louisville, KY 6 63
Jeffersonville, KY 8 66
Tampa, FL 8 26
Orlando, FL 4 49
Columbia, SC 3 29
Florence, SC 10 46
Greenville, SC 4 38
Montgomery, AL 11 74
Birmingham Area, AL 5 32
Dothan, AL 12
City of Erie, PA 12 95
Wilmington, DE 7 30
Charlotte, NC 6 70
Picayune, MS 6 37

Shows to Watch on NBC

After subscribing to NBC on Charter Spectrum, get ready to enjoy juicy content as it offers a lot of fantastic shows from a plethora of genres. Quite a few shows you should watch on NBC include:

  • America’s Got Talent
  • The Blacklist
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • In a Nutshell

NBC Universo Channel on Spectrum

The NBC Universo initially launched with the name Mun2 but later changed into NBC Universo back in 2015. It’s launched to cater to people who belong to Spanish countries. The NBC Network’s dedication to the Spanish market has been expressed quite significantly since its inception. And with NBC Universo on Spectrum, you can introduce yourself to Spanish culture.

Surprisingly, that’s not the only fun option of NBC on Charter Spectrum. You too get plentiful other channels such as Showtime no matter which Spectrum package you get your hands on.

NBC Sports Channel on Spectrum

Alongside NBC Universo, NBC on Charter Spectrum enables you to enjoy watching NBC Sports channel. A number of sports you can watch on NBC Sports include:

  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • NFL
  • NBA & more

It’s too rare that NBC Sports doesn’t air sports you like. You can even enjoy watching your favorite sports with the help of an application whether you are traveling or out of the station. It would, therefore, be a very smart move to combine your cable service with the Internet. If not, a Spectrum hotspot for connecting your device is often to be found. The company throughout the US has a number of hotspots.

What’s More?

NBC is a short form of National Broadcasting Company which came into existence back in 1926 by RCA (Radio Corporation of America). Since its inception, NBC has gained huge popularity and now has a handsome range of subscribers throughout the United States.

When you become a valued customer of America’s renowned Cable TV provider – Spectrum, you actually enter the world of entertainment. They allow you to watch a lot of entertaining channels like HBO, CW, and many others alongside NBC. That’s not all, however!

Also, Spectrum lets you choose a package according to your needs and budget. Thus, get ready for the un-interrupted and non-stop entertainment. Currently, there are three different packages to choose from.

The first package offered by Spectrum is TV Select with 125 channels with Spectrum application for entertainment on the move. The 2nd one is Spectrum TV Silver with 175 HD channels and the 3rd one is Spectrum TV Gold with 200 HD channels.

All in all, NBC on Charter Spectrum is a one-stop entertainment platform whether you are a movie buff or TV lover. But most important of all, the accessibility of NBC Network’s channel varies depending on the location and package you choose. So, what’s the wait?