Roll up your sleeves and tune Freeform on DIRECTV. You are all set now to watch many entertaining TV shows and movies while having a cup of tea or coffee with your family and friends. Without a doubt, DIRECTV (America’s renowned Satellite TV service provider) offers a handsome range of packages that comprise a versatile range of channels.

All DIRECTV packages comprise multiple options according to the customers’ needs so that they can choose a plan that fits them the best. The best and highly admirable package is named “SELECT” with an option to enjoy 155+ TV channels including TLC and Paramount Network.

However, if you are already a customer of DIRECTV, you can get the benefit of its other packages too. For instance, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, XTRA and Ultimate with around 300+ HD TV channels across the United States. All these packages are available at highly competitive rates, and that’s actually the reason behind their popularity.

About Freeform Channel

It’s been quite a while since Freeform has been offering its audience a handsome range of movies and other entertaining content. It was originally known as ABC but later in 2016, it was rebranded to Freeform. Since then, the company continued its services under the same brand name.

Calling Freeform on DIRECTV is the best channel for families and friends wouldn’t be wrong. It has the best-in-class family shows, movies, and fun programs for the audience all over the United States. The major focus of this channel is to target young people aged between 14 to 28. The most attractive thing is that no matter which package you subscribe to, Freeform is available on all the packages, including other channels like Nickelodeon and QVC.

What Channel Number is Freeform on DIRECTV?

Is it really difficult for you to find which channel number is Freeform on DIRECTV? Well, the precise channel number of Freeform varies – depending on the package you have subscribed to. However, here is a complete breakdown of DIRECTV packages alongside the Freeform channel number. This will undoubtedly assist you in quickly catching up on your favorite movies and TV shows.


Total No. of TV Channels Is VH1 available in this package? Channel no.
155 Yes HD 311


Total No. of TV Channels Is VH1 available in this package? Channel no.
160 Yes HD 311


Total No. of TV Channels Is VH1 available in this package? Channel no.
185 Yes HD 311


Total No. of TV Channels Is VH1 available in this package? Channel no.
235 Yes HD 311


Total No. of TV Channels Is VH1 available in this package? Channel no.
250 Yes HD 311


Total No. of TV Channels Is VH1 available in this package? Channel no.
330 Yes HD 311

What’s more about Freeform?

As mentioned above, the Freeform channel majorly focuses on the young audience with an age between 14 to 28. However, young females can entertain themselves too with multiple programs that Freeform airs for them. In short, Freeform on DIRECTV is a combination of original programs and reruns of well-famous favorites. Since 1997, Freeform was known to air the funniest home videos, but later they divided their content into movies and TV shows. Due to its excellent HD content, the Freeform channel currently has millions of subscribers in the United States. And some of the most admirable shows include Shadowhunters and Siren.

Top Features of DIRECT Packages

Very much like Spectrum, AT& T, and Dish Network, DIRECTV brings hundreds of overwhelming choices for its audience. A number of unbelievable perks you can enjoy on DIRECTV are as follow:

  • Trouble-free Premium Network Access
  • On-Demand Videos/Movies
  • Exceptionally Easy Controls
  • Paperless Billing
  • 4K Content Promise
  • Free-of-Cost GENIE HD DVR
  • Entertainment Everywhere with DIRECTV App

Other Well-liked Channels on DIRECTV

Aside from Freeform on DIRECTV, you may get a chance to watch a handsome range of other highly admirable channels for movies, series, and TV shows.

They provide you with an opportunity to watch CNN on DIRECT and, most interestingly, it has an ESPN channel too in the same package. Not only ESPN, but you can enjoy watching ESPNEWS, and ESPNU. But for ESPN Classic, a subscription to the “PREMIER” package is required. Other well-famous networks on DIRECTV include ABC, TNT, and NBC with countless entertaining content to take your enjoyment to new heights.

It’s quite good if you are already a DIRECTV customer, but if you’re not, order your DIRECTV, subscribe to a suitable package, and enter the world of entertainment.