Spectrum, after getting huge popularity across the United States is now offering a handsome range of mind-boggling packages to its subscribers. The most commonly subscribed package of Spectrum is named Spectrum Voice Services that enables customers to make countless calls with ease. It doesn’t only enable customers to make calls in the U.S but other neighboring countries too, i.e., Canada and Mexico.

Here on this page, we have summarised a huge range of details regarding this service so that you can get an idea of what you are going to get before subscribing. It’ll also help you choose what suits you the best and ultimately make a wise decision.

Spectrum Voice Definition

It’s basically an IP Phone Service. In view of the characteristics it offers, you might term this a creation in the conventional landline scene. Options such as free calling to 411 in case of an emergency mean you’ll like subscribing to Spectrum Voice Services.

Why Should You Choose it?

Very much like a number of other Spectrum’s impressive packages like Spectrum TV Choice, it comes with many dazzling features. Aside from enabling to you call outside the United States, it flaunts a number of other features to entice.

After subscribing to this package, you get easy access to an exceptionally clear voice. Hence, you wouldn’t even miss an alphabet said by a person on the other side. Besides, a lot of people have argued that the latest technology in the form of the Internet and Smartphones have left landline far behind. And if you are one of those, Spectrum has got you covered.

It enables you to get approx. 28 different phone calling features from a landline as well as free of cost contracts later. Most important of all, if you don’t feel satisfied, Spectrum offers 30 days money-back guarantee to grab your attention. And interestingly, you no longer need to get a new landline number for it.

Other Features

Not only this voice service let you enjoy 28 different features but you also get Spectrum 4K Content. And that’s exactly what is yet to be offered by any other service provider.

  • Unwanted Callers Blocking
  • International Calls Blocking
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Outbound Caller ID Blocking
  • Blocking Calls Anonymously
  • Do Not Disturb Option
  • Easy Call Forwarding
  • Call Tracing
  • Repeat and Speed Dialing
  • Forward Calls When Busy
  • Selective Forwards
  • Readable Voicemail
  • VIP Ringing & more

Buy Other Bundles with Spectrum Voice

Although Spectrum Voice Services itself comprises a number of features you can go the extra miles with ease. There are different bundles available for your convenience such as for the Internet and Cable. However, it completely depends on you. But subscribing to other bundles can be a bold move. These bundles include:

  • Spectrum Voice & Internet: $59.98
  • Spectrum Voice & TV Silver: $84.98

You can also choose either a Triple Play Select, a Triple Play Silver, or a Triple Play Gold against $99.97, $129.97, and 149.97 respectively.

Furthermore, Spectrum offers you a free Internet modem when you get Spectrum Voice services alongside the Internet. Also, with Spectrum’s streaming services, you no longer need a Cable service. However, you can still choose to get Cable TV services from Spectrum.

Well, Triple Play packages are a little bit expensive but you can check Spectrum’s official site for discounts and promotions.


Do You Need Spectrum Voice?

Spectrum Voice is a well-known service, similar to Spectrum Digital Receiver. It’s reliable phone service at affordable rates without issues – for instance, calls dropping and others. In short, you get a crystal-clear voice and easily make calls.

Does Spectrum Voice Include Voicemail?

Yes! After subscribing to these services, you get voicemail and a number of other calling features. Plus, it enables you to call in and outside the United States, i.e., in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

What Does Spectrum Voice Include?

This impressive Spectrum Voice Services promise to provide countless local as well as long-distance calls. Besides, you get 28 different features alongside 5 extra numbers to ring on.