Chances are that you are a subscriber of quality internet service and now you have recently come across a term that is net neutrality. Net neutrality was implemented by the FCC in 2015. With the help of net neutrality, internet service providers cannot control the different websites that users access. However, in 2017, FCC reversed the regulation and provided more control to internet service providers. For different internet providers, net neutrality works in a unique way. If you are a subscriber of Spectrum’s internet services, then you must know about Spectrum and net neutrality in detail.

Spectrum and Net Neutrality – What is It?

Net neutrality is actually the neutral reaction of internet providers towards the type of websites or content that they access. It is not an error like the Spectrum HL1000, as some users think. This allows users to access any type of content on the internet without having to pay any extra amount of money. This law was placed by the FCC in 2015 and allows users complete freedom to use the internet according to their choice. Furthermore, this law also makes internet service providers deliver similar content and services across different states and cities.

However, if such laws do not exist then the service providers can provide non-uniform services to people across the country. They can also charge different prices against similar packages only due to the different geographic locations of the users. Spectrum delivers the same type of services and packages across the country irrespective of the geographical location of the user.

FCC and Net Neutrality

The FCC is in favor of them because it allows them to ban the differential treatment towards users. It also successfully reduces the control of internet service providers over the internet. In 2017, however, they reversed the law regarding them. Since then, internet service providers have been providing services according to their own choice.

People who are in favor of net neutrality believe that lawmakers should ensure that internet services are of a similar nature. ISPs should provide the same type of packages to users. The presence of net neutrality can allow users to use the internet according to their own choices It eliminates the monopoly of ISPs controlling the internet and provides equal opportunity to people belonging to all classes.

Spectrum Charter and Net Neutrality

Spectrum Charter is against Spectrum and net neutrality finding common grounds. The reason is that the company thinks that they can provide better services with the help of more control on the internet. Spectrum can invest in a better way if the laws do not exist. However, many officials from the company believe that the existence or non-existence of the law has no effect on the overall services of the company.


The company believes that it can deliver better services without the laws. They can get involved more directly in the effort to make the internet more usable for customers. They can also make the internet faster in certain geographical locations that can support 5G. Furthermore, instead of limiting access to MeTV on Spectrum and other channels, they can provide them where they can be transmitted instead of keeping a uniform package offering across the nation.


One of the disadvantages of having net neutrality laws not in place is that internet providers can charge an extra amount of money from the people present in certain geographical locations. Companies will also have more control over the loading speeds of websites. This can lead to a lot of monopolies that can negatively impact the businesses of many websites on the internet. If they are in place, then packages such as the Spectrum TV Choice and Spectrum TV Essentials will be the same nationwide.

It goes without saying that in the absence of net neutrality laws, Charter Spectrum and other ISPs will benefit a lot. They will be able to deliver better streaming services. They will be able to invest more freely in the development of their internet services and provide dedicated services to users in certain geographical locations. Not only that, but the internet speeds will also improve.

Verizon, just like Charter, also believes that internet service providers should not have limited control over the internet. Instead, they should be allowed to control it and deliver better services. At&T is also against the net neutrality laws. One of the reasons that the law was reversed in 2017 is because major ISPs do not support it. This was all about Spectrum and net neutrality. Hopefully, you understand the matter more clearly now.