Do you really want to enjoy loads and loads of movies alongside a handsome range of shows? Streaming indeed provides you with more than enough shows and movies to enjoy. There is no limit, in fact. And it doesn’t really matter at all. Perhaps, there are a number of streaming channels and companies, providing ultimate entertainment, nothing can beat ShowTime. With countless latest movies as well as entertaining shows, ShowTime is your ultimate destination, with no doubt.

ShowTime on Spectrum

What channel is Showtime on Spectrum? It’s important to note that ShowTime is actually a kind of flagship service. CBS Corporation offers this channel which is already owning multiple other well-recognized channels, i.e., Flix and The Movie Channel.

However, very much like NFL Network and SEC Network, ShowTime has a premium cable network named Warner Cable. And that’s the major reason behind a huge range of subscribers. As of now, Warner Cable is currently available in 30 million houses across the United States.

The ShowTime offers its audience a plethora of TV Series, Motion Pictures, Comedy Shows, Latest Movies, and much more. Here is a list of ShowTime Channel Number based on States:

Channel Name California Orlando Ohio
Showtime 551 259 259
SHO 2 552 261 261
Showtime Showcase 553 262 262
SHO Beyond 555 263 263
SHO Extreme 554 264 264
SHO Next 269 269
SHO Women 267 267
Showtime Family Zone 270 270

Spectrum offers you plentiful cable packages to get access to ShowTime on Spectrum. These packages are considered the best choice as they provide you access without commercials whether you watch movies, TV series, or other shows. They also offer you commercial-free multiple documentaries. All you need to figure out the channel number on which Spectrum is offering ShowTime. For instance (not really sure), if you are living in Orlando State, you can watch the Showtime channel on 259 number.

Alongside ShowTime on Spectrum, you get a wide range of other channels – most probably up to 15. Most of them are being offered by Spectrum already but it depends on your State when it comes to accessing them. Quite a few channels are as follow:

1: ShowTime Women

ShowTime has something exciting for females called ShowTime Women. It doesn’t only let you enjoy movies, TV series but also special shows. Moreover, if you want to watch a particular show related to women on CW, you can easily watch it on ShowTime Women.

2: ShowTime 2

ShowTime 2 is also referred to as SHO2 but it’s the 2nd channel of ShowTime that lets you enjoy original TV series, the latest movies, and more.

3: ShowTime Extreme

If you have a craze to watch gangster or action movies, then ShowTime Extreme is the right option for you. Alongside action movies, you also get access to sports events like boxing matches and others.

4: ShowTime Beyond

Showtime Beyond provides you with some sort of mixed movies. For example, it offers you Fantasy, Horror as well as Sci-Fi movies exclusively.

5: ShowTime Case

ShowTime Case specifically on-air first-run featured films, films that are made for cable and other movies exclusively.

6: Showtime Family Zone

As the name suggests, ShowTime Family Zone provides you with programs you can watch with your family. It also offers multiple movies, especially for young children.

What’s on Trending?

Very much like other channels such as ESPN and NFL, you get quite an awesome range of programs that are trending. It means if you are looking for the latest movie or TV show, you can easily find it out on ShowTime.

ShowTime Offers Latest Movies

The most famous channel Paramount Network promises all-time favorite but latest movies. And interestingly, ShowTime on Spectrum lets you watch all the latest movies in HD quality too.

Hence, you no longer need to switch any other channel like Freeform and HBO as ShowTime has got you covered.

What is Showtime Anytime?

Spectrum promises a vast range of premium channels – for instance, FOX and ABC, alongside attention-grabbing deals and bundles. When it comes to ShowTime, Spectrum offers “ShowTime Anytime”. It enables customers to not only stream movies, shows, and sports but also download them with ease. For more information about ShowTime Anytime, you can always call Spectrum customer service.