There is no doubt that you may be the proud subscriber of a great cable plan with amazing channels in the lineup. However, there may be times when you may want to watch shows on the channels that you are not a subscriber. In such a case, you may wonder about the ideal solution. It is not feasible to change your TV service providers every month or upgrade to a new plan. Both of these options may result in additional costs in the form of termination fees or installation charges.

You may definitely not be in the mood to increase your monthly bill. However, the question remains what you can do to gain access to your favorite content that you are not currently a subscriber of. The answer is that you can get access to these channels and more with Spectrum at a very reasonable price. Even if channels are not included in your plan, you can go for Pay Per View on Spectrum option that will give you access to a lot of your favorite content.

Pay Per View on Spectrum

Pay Per View on Spectrum TV allows customers to watch shows and TV series even if they do not have access to those channels by default, for example, MeTV on Spectrum. However, know that even if you are opting for a live sporting event or a new movie release, you will need to pay a one-time charge. For all boxing and wrestling lovers, the pay-per-view option opens up a world of possibilities. Once in a while, you can simply pay a one-time charge for the pay-per-view and get access to the entertainment that you highly deserve.

Pay Per View Channel Number

State/City Pay-Per-View
Albertville, AL 958
Austin, TX 651
Athens, GA 958
Avon, IN 1414
Alexandria, KY 998
Auburn, ME 651
Allendale, MI 967
Albany, MN 950
Belleville, IL 950
Baton Rouge, LA 949
Bakersfield, CA 1148
Baker City, OR 950
Bristol, VA 949
Crisfield, MD 958
Charlotte, NC 651
Cincinnati, OH 779
Cleveland, OH 779
Concord, VT 952
Cheyenne, WY 990
Carson-City, NV 950
Dallas, TX 651
Dayton, OH 779
Grand-Junction, CO 990
Greenville, SC 958
Great-Falls, MT 990
Hayden, ID 651
Harvard, MA 952
Hilo, HI 1701
Jacksonville, NC 651
Knoxville, TN 949
Kansas City, KS 651
Lincoln, NH 651
Lincoln, NE 651
Los Angeles, CA 651, 958
New York City, NY 651
Orlando, FL 1125
Picayune, MS 949
Ridgefield-Park, NJ 651
Reno, NV 950
Rochester, NY 651
Saint-Louis, MO 950
San Antonio, TX 651
Sheboygan, WI 799
Staten-Island, NY 651
Tampa, FL 1125
Wapato, WA 950
Waterford, PA 779
Winsted, CT 952
Yuma, AZ 651

Availability of Favorite Shows

With the help of the pay-per-view option, you can watch your favorite shows very conveniently on Spectrum internet plans. However, you will need to find the channel number for it. This number is different in different states. By using the Spectrum TV on-screen guide, you may find some trouble finding the channel. Following is a list of channels for pay-per-view on Spectrum for different states. All you have to do is look in the table below to find the channel number in your particular hometown.

Some Events

With the help of the pay per view on Spectrum, you can watch a wide range of content that is not included in your subscription. The following are some of the events you can get.

Boxing Events

Boxing events are a favorite for many sports fans. They can’t live without these events and by using the Spectrum paper review they can make sure to select a date beforehand.

UFC Events

For fans, the bad news is that UFC is no longer a part of the Spectrum pay-per-view. However, you can tune into other events.

How to Order PPV?

It is quite easy to order Spectrum pay per view even if you are a subscriber of Spectrum TV Choice or Spectrum TV Essentials. All you have to do is use your TV remote to follow these steps to get access to it. Hold it and go to the list of available pay-per-view events. Press ok and select your favorite event. Then, order the event.

If you are not able to order PPV using the TV remote then you can directly call the Spectrum customer service number. They will guide you through the process and subscribe you to the service. However, it is better to use the remote to order the PPV streaming service. It does not take a lot of time.