Are you one of those who do not like the modern age of movies and TV shows? Do you miss the old classical reverberating with drama and romance? Do you get teary-eyed easily when you think about the golden age of TV? If that is the case, then MeTV on Spectrum will definitely serve you well.

MeTV on Spectrum is short for Memorable Entertainment Television and the channel is home to a ton of classical content between the years 1950 to 1990. The programs that run on the TV channel are from the 28th television and CBS TV distribution libraries. Here, you will see classical movies and dramas running on repeat. Therefore, you can thoroughly enjoy the amazing dramas and TV shows from the past.

MeTV on Spectrum

By simply sitting on your cozy living room couch and eating thoroughly cooked tasty food, you can tune in to your MeTV channel to watch your favorite TV shows. All you need to do is get a subscription to Spectrum TV to watch your favorite content without any interruption or worry in the world. MeTV on Charter is available for streaming service in all the serviced states.

You can use the DVR function to enhance and enrich your washing experience. To watch your missed episodes, there is no need to worry since you can watch them later too. Make sure to subscribe to a double or triple play to get economical Spectrum internet plans as well. Following is the list of Spectrum channels for MeTV in different cities and states. B having a look at this table, you can easily tune into your channel from any state that you are living in.

 MeTV Channel Lineup

City/State MeTV on Spectrum
Grand Island, Nebraska 10
Los Angeles, CA 20 1237
Kennewick, Washington 182 1182
Worcester, Massachusetts 184 1184
Picayune, Mississippi 185 1185
Atlanta, Georgia 186 1186
Lexington, Kentucky 186 1186
Reno, Nevada 186 1186
Cedar City, Utah 190 1190
Genoa, Illinois 190 1190
Grants Pass, Oregon 190 1190
Lakeville, Minnesota 193 1193
Birmingham, Alabama 194 1194
Crisfield, Maryland 194 1194
Grand Junction, Colorado 194 1194
Fort Lee, NJ 239 1239
New York City, NY 239 1239
Columbia, South Carolina 240 1240
Kansas City, Nebraska 240 1240
Raleigh, North Carolina 250 1250
Cincinnati, Ohio 993


On MeTV on Spectrum many classical movies and shows play on repeat. The channel has an endless number of classical shows for you. You can watch Star Trek, Planet of Apes, and Wonder Woman on this channel. Moreover, it gives tough competition to Paramount Network and you can rest assured that you will get only the top-quality movies here.

Star Trek is a movie that is about a federation getting involved in an arms race on a far-off planet that consists of gorillas. Kirk has to defend himself from a space ape called Mugato. It’s a very interesting story with the very unique plot twist

Wonder Woman in its classical form is quite intense. She fights Nazis, aliens, and empires. If you are looking for some classical action, you should definitely watch this.

Spectrum TV packages

By subscribing to Spectrum TV packages like Spectrum TV Essentials or Spectrum TV Choice, you can definitely get access to MeTV and watch a number of classical TV series and movies. Here are some of the most popular TV series that you can watch on MeTV.

 ALF Mama’s Family The Invaders
 Columbo Maverick The Invisible Man
 Mr. Lucky My Three Sons The Loretta Young Show
 The Big Valley Peter Gunn The Lucy Show
 Wanted Dead or Alive Planet of Apes The Three Stooges
77 Sunset Strip Saved by the Bell The Time Tunnel
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Star Trek The Twilight Zone
Charlie’s Angels Svengoolie Thriller
Cheers The Abbott and Costello Show Trackdown
Lost in Space The Andy Griffith Show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
M*A*S*H The Beverly Hillbillies


The channel is also available on Pay Per View on Spectrum. You will definitely love the service of MeTV on Spectrum. Have fun watching your favorite shows.