Due to the ongoing pandemic, many people are working from home. You may also be working remotely and may not know what to do during your free time. In such a case, you may want to subscribe to a TV service so you can enjoy a wide range of channels, quality movie shows, and TV services. DIRECTV is one such service that will allow you to relax during your free time. It comes with a range of content that is appealing. In this blog, you will find out about all the DIRECTV hidden costs. Make an informed decision and subscribe to this quality service.

DirecTV Hidden Costs

During the first year, DIRECTV offers cut down prices to the customers. However, after the first year is complete, the prices increase. After the year, the prices remain constant for the duration of the package bundle. Normally, the introductory prices are quite low for new users. Do note that you might be able to enjoy some good discounts if this is the first time subscribing to the service. The company offers services on a contractual basis. Therefore, if you cancel the services at an early time, you will need to pay the early termination fees. The following are certain plans and packages for DIRECTV along with their monthly prices and features.

Do note that you will need to subscribe to a quality internet service such as Spectrum TV Choice to get access to DIRECTV. The different packages of DIRECTV come with different offerings. Similar to Pay Per View on Spectrum, you can also PPV on DIRECTV. With the help of good internet services, you can get good streaming services as well and watch your favorite shows online.

Regulatory Fee and Taxes

Note that the company has to pay regulatory fees to the government. This is also reflected in the form of tax in the bill that you have to pay to DIRECTV. This is not a part of DIRECTV hidden costs. These taxes are different in different states and cities. These prices are not mentioned in the promotional prices. Do note that you can get access to quality TV channels such as MeTV on Spectrum. For sports fans, streaming services are available by paying an additional $99.99.

Installation Costs and Related Charges

The first time that you request a DIRECTV service, there will be no installation cost. The customer support person will come to the home and set up the satellite equipment without charging any fees. If you want to record your shows, then you can apply for a DVR configuration as well. However, if you are applying for internet service, you will need to pay installation and activation charges.

For DIRECTV, there are no installation charges if you buy the equipment. Moreover, there are no hidden or extra charges involved. There are additional charges involved in case you need to buy a piece of new equipment or upgrade the existing one. For the DVR equipment, you will need to pay around $7 per month.

Termination Fee

As is the case with other services, if you fail to pay your monthly bill before the deadline then you will need to pay a late fee. Make sure to always submit your fee on time so that you don’t have to pay any late fee at all. Also, make sure to suitable Spectrum internet plans so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Do note that for DIRECTV, you will need to sign up for a two years long service. If you plan to cancel the service any time before this, then you will need to pay a termination fee.

Quality Features and Services

Apart from DIRECTV hidden costs, the channel comes with a lot of quality features and services. If you have a stable internet connection, then you can enjoy a lot of great features such as the amazing TV application. Using this TV application, users get access to live TV shows, record their favorite programs, and watch on-demand titles. They can also schedule recordings and watch shows even they are traveling.

The customer service of DIRECTV is quite popular, unlike other providers. They make sure to provide their customers with good quality customer support. This allows the customers to have a very good experience and stay with them as loyal customers.