As a complete entertainment hub, Fox is known as one of the highly admirable broadcasting companies in the United States. They have been providing a huge range of entertainment since its inception, covering people of all ages. Whether you have Spectrum, Verizon, or another cable provider, Fox entertainment can take your entertainment to new heights.

Having the Fox network on your channel list means you will never get bored as there is a plethora of content such as movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Very much like CNN and ESPN channels, Fox lets you stay updated about what’s happening in the country via its real-time news.

Moreover, Fox has gained huge success since its launch and now it’s currently available on all major Cable TV providers, including Verizon. Watching Fox on Verizon means you are all set to watch the highest quality content and a power-packed dose of entertainment. Verizon is currently available in all major parts of the United States with 100% signal coverage.

What Makes Fox Stand Out?

Without a doubt, HD content provider channels like Paramount Network and Nickelodeon flaunt a massive stock of entertainment. However, everything takes a huge turn when it comes to Fox. The channel stands out from the crowd – thanks to its high-quality entertainment which includes movies, shows, sports, and more.

If you’re not a regular viewer of Fox on Verizon, it means you have missed a lot of entertainment. And that’s maybe the reason why every cable TV provider, including Verizon, offers Fox to its audience.

Aside from movies for a second, Fox enables you to watch a bunch of awesome TV shows alongside a plethora of sports activities. The number of shows air on Fox includes Call Me Kat, The Great North, Filthy Rich, and quite a few others.

Fox on Verizon?

Alongside highly famous channels such as NBC and QVC, Verizon cares about its audience. They promise unmatched services and affordable packages that contain a vast variety of entertaining channels, including Fox on Verizon. The Fox channel number, however, varies from one state to another. Therefore, here is a comprehensive table to find out your location and channel number with ease.

Fox Channels  Channel Numbers
Fox Business Network 117/617HD
Fox News Channel 118/618HD
Fox Sports 1 83/583HD
Fox Sports 2 84/584HD
Fox Deportes 311/534HD
Fox Life 1582HD
Fox College 301
Sports Pacific 302
FOX WBFF TV 10 10/510HD
FOX WTTG TV 5 17/517HD
FOX WUTV-TV 29 6/506HD

The above-described Fox channel numbers list will, indeed, make it a bit simple for you to watch Fox on Verizon alongside Fox Business, News, and Sports.

Fox – A Comprehensive Channel Network

Very much unlike TNT and TLC, Fox is indeed a comprehensive channel network with a handsome range of channels such as Fox Business, Sports, News, and more.

  • Fox Business

The must-watch channel of Fox on Verizon is none other than Fox Business. Whether you enjoy watching political debates or are a sports fan, Fox Business has you covered.

  • Fox News

Aside from Fox Business, Fox News channels don’t only focus on a single thing. Instead, it’s covering all the things that happen in the world to gain the interest of viewers. With Fox News channel, it wouldn’t let you suffer from all other available news channels.

  • Fox Sports

Are you a Sports Enthusiast? Then Fox Sports should be your ultimate choice, without a doubt. They promise to offer all the important movements of sports to take your sports entertainment to the next level. You can watch every single move of all the sports – for instance, soccer, football, baseball, and others.

Quite a few other Fox channels you can get a chance to watch on Verizon, include Fox Life, Fox College, Fox Sports 1, 2, and Fox Deportes.


What channels is Fox on?

Fox is currently available on a massive range of TV service providers in the United States. Some of them include Verizon, Charter Spectrum, DIRECTV HD, Time Warner, and more.

Does FiOS Have Fox News and Sports Channels?

Yes! Viewers on FiOS cannot only watch Fox News and Fox Sports, but it offers Fox Business, Fox College, and Fox Pacific.