When it comes to finding the right and most popular name in the world of entertainment, you’ll find Fox on the top. It should be leading the chart because it’s offering a wide range of channels to provide entertainment for every single family member. Hence, you no longer need to rely on other channels such as ABC and HBO as Fox has got you covered completely.

Whether you want to watch super-hit movies, dazzling sports, fantastic TV shows or more, Fox is the ultimate destination for you. In short, it’s the must-have channel for almost all-American people.

The Reason Behind Fox’s Popularity

Fox is actually a name for providing uninterrupted entertainment without having to compromise on quality. The shows or movies usually aired on channels like TNT or TLC can easily be watched on Fox.

However, the availability of all Fox channels entirely depends on the package you choose. For example, if you get Fox on Charter Spectrum, you can enjoy all of its other channels such as Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports, and more.

Is Fox on Spectrum?

Spectrum does consider the popularity and recognition of Fox across the United States. Therefore, it offers Fox on Spectrum under its multiple packages and plans. You can enjoy watching Fox whether you choose a Silver or a Gold package. Not only Fox but you get an opportunity to watch around 200 other channels including ESPN and NFL Network with ease. A number of Fox channels on Spectrum are as follow:

  • FOX
  • Fox News
  • Fox Business Network
  • Fox Sports Atlantic
  • Fox Sports Central
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fox Sports 2

What Channel is Fox on Charter Spectrum?

Aside from Fox on Spectrum, are you looking to choose Fox on Charter Spectrum and want to enjoy the maximum Fox Channels? Here is the comprehensive list alongside a guide to finding out the exact channel number according to your State or area.

State/City Fox Sports 1 Fox Sports 2
Albertville, AL 38/826 307/827
Austin, TX 97 401
Athens, GA 40/718 304/719
Avon, IN 62 428
Alexandria, KY 76 552
Auburn, ME 75 401
Allendale, MI 90/707 211/708
Albany, MN 70/811 408/812
Belleville, IL 43/811 212/812
Baton Rouge, LA 36/824 308/814
Bakersfield, CA 76 127
Baker City, OR 85/823 416/824
Bristol, VA 36/824 308/814
Crisfield, MD 24/826 308/828
Charlotte, NC 67 401
Cincinnati, OH 55 328
Cleveland, OH 75 328/1328
Concord, VT 25/722 314/756
Cheyenne, WY 67/652 156/653
Clarksburg, WV 78, 148, 794 255/795
Carson-City, NV 30/807 96/808
Dallas, TX 56 401
Dayton, OH 75 328
Grand-Junction, CO 67/652 156/653
Greenville, SC 39/826 308/828
Great-Falls, MT 67/652 156/653
Hayden, ID 83 401
Harvard, MA 39/763 317/778
Hilo, HI 96 241/1241
Jacksonville, NC 67 401
Knoxville, TN 36/824 308/814
Kansas City, KS 75 401
Lincoln, NH 92 401
Lincoln, NE 75 401
Los Angeles, CA 95, 40/740 401, 408/873
New York City, NY 400 401
Orlando, FL 32 105
Picayune, MS 36/824 308/814
Ridgefield-Park, NJ 400 401
Reno, NV 30/807 96/808
Rochester, NY 82 401
Saint-Louis, MO 43/811 212/812
San Antonio, TX 97 401
Sheboygan, WI 32/672 305/673
Staten-Island, NY 400 401
Tampa, FL 112 806
Wapato, WA 61/823 416/824
Waterford, PA 75 328
Winsted, CT 40/763 306/778
Yuma, AZ 39 401

Which Spectrum TV Plan Offers Fox Channel?

It’s not really surprising with anything available, Fox is the well-famous and highly admirable channel among the public. And you wouldn’t have been more mistaken if you thought your cable provider didn’t care for your interests. Spectrum aims for the best possible quality for its customers throughout the United States. Therefore, a range of channels from the Fox network is a part of the Spectrum channel lineup. So, whether you choose a Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, or Gold plan, you’ll enjoy all the major Fox channels right on your TV.

Fox – A Matchless Entertainment Hub

One thing that actually makes any channel stand out from a crowd is its original content. And interestingly, Fox on Charter Spectrum lets you enjoy countless original content in the form of movies, shows, and series. Approx. Fox has all the genres for you to watch action, comedy, drama, or animated movies as well as reality-based TV shows and more. Do you still need to switch your channel to CW or CNN for entertainment?

Besides, Spectrum offers you a Fox News channel with a number of informative news which ultimately summarizes the world into your Television. Aside from that, the Fox Sports channel keeps you updated regarding sports events and everything that happens in the world of sports. On the other hand, Fox Business channels air matters related to business and finance alongside giving you information about the economy.


Does Spectrum Offer All Fox Channels in One Package?

Yes! You get a chance to enjoy all Fox channels after subscribing either to the Silver or GOLD package. These channels include Fox Business, Fox Sports, Fox News, and a bunch of others.

Is Fox Available in Spectrum Basic?

The Spectrum Basic comprises a number of premium channels like NBC, ABC, NFL, QVC, and of course, Fox. So, are you ready to subscribe to Spectrum’s package to enjoy Fox on Charter Spectrum? Simply visit Spectrum’s official website, choose a package by yourself or call them to get the things done for you.