Only a few channels gained popularity worldwide and interestingly, Discovery on Spectrum is one of them. The channel is a bit famous – thanks to its content that doesn’t only entertain but also educates people across the globe. No matter how old you are, can enjoy watching a number of documentaries and educational videos simultaneously.

Very much like a number of other channels, i.e., NFL Network and Paramount Network, Spectrum makes sure that all its audience can access Discovery throughout the US with ease.

Excitingly, no matter which Spectrum’s plan you choose, you can easily access Discovery with a number of other perks. The most admirable packages of Spectrum you can get access to Discovery include Spectrum TV, Silver, and Gold. The reason behind the popularity of these packages is that they provide you with non-interrupted entertainment alongside multiple other channels such as CNN and ESPN.

As the packages contain more than 200 fully entertaining channels, it becomes a bit difficult to find your favorite channel number. However, this blog has covered you with even letting you gid into the Spectrum Channels Guide.

Discovery on Spectrum?

Finding the right channel number is quite a hassle-full job. Maybe your friend watches her/her favorite channel like NBC on number 100. But it’s possible that you wouldn’t be able to watch this channel on the same number. Similarly, the channel number of Discovery on Spectrum varies from State to State or area to area.

While it becomes a lot daunting, there is no need to do so, in fact. If you keep following a Spectrum Channel Lineup, you can easily find discovery and other channels like TNT. Moreover, you can contact Spectrum’s Customer Services to find out the right number of Discovery channels in your area. That’s a lot of work too and it may take a huge amount of your precious time. How about looking at the mentioned below list with comprises channel numbers of Discovery on Spectrum in different areas?

City/State Channel # City/State Channel #
Albertville, AL 78 Bergen Co, NJ 138
Yakima, WA 858 Albany, NY 82
Clarksburg, WV 83 Charlotte, NC 76
Milwaukee, WI 69 Grand Island, NE 59
Cheyenne, WY 77 Carson City, NV 17
Barre, VT 795 Lancaster, NH 83
Richlands, VA 168 Duluth, MN 17
Austin, TX 23 St. Louis, MO 22
Alcoa, TN 75 Billings, MT 77
Corry, PA 20 Bangor, MN 83
Columbia, SC 94 Worcester, MA 22
Greensboro, NC 76 Greenville, MI 52
Akron, OH 67 Bourg, LA 75
Dallas City, OR 73 Lexington, KY 50

Is your area or location missing in the list above? You are then requested to open up a browser and type What Channel is Discovery on Spectrum Charter to get the updated list.

Discovery – A Quick Overview

Discovery, Inc., found Discovery back in 1985. Since its inception in 1995, Discovery was considered the flagship television channel. Similar to the other channels like QVC and others, Discovery went through different operations and it has a long history to share with its viewers.

According to the report shared back in 2012, Discovery had around 409 million households across the globe. And that’s what made Discovery the 3rd largest TV channel in the US after TBS and The Weather Channel. As of now, Discovery is holding its strong position in the world of entertainment and perhaps there is no one who doesn’t know about this channel.

List of Discovery Channels on Spectrum

After subscribing to a particular package offered by Spectrum, Discovery lets you enjoy a whole range of channels such as:

  1. Discovery Times
  2. Discovery Kids
  3. Discovery Home
  4. Discovery Health

What’s More?

Nature-curious viewers get a chance to entertain their selves a lot more with Discovery on Spectrum. One of the highly admirable and popular shows is none other than Man vs Wild. It offers a number of other programs that cover almost all genres including marine life, wildlife, and more.


Does Spectrum Offers Discovery Plus Channel?

It’s quite essential to keep in mind that Discovery Plus isn’t the same channel as others on Spectrum. It’s completely a streaming service that is subscription-based and unfortunately, Spectrum or any other Cable TV provider doesn’t air it.

Which Spectrum’s Package Offers Discovery Channel?

Spectrum is currently offering three different packages named TV Select, TV Silver, and TV Gold. Interestingly, you can access the Discovery channel on all these packages along with a number of other benefits.