Whether you are the kind of guy who loves watching sports, news, or movies, Spectrum TV comprises everything for everyone. With a handsome range of entertaining channels such as ESPN as well as FOX, you get a chance to watch movies, comedy shows, news, and much more on a single platform.

Spectrum enables both males and females of every age to enjoy a wide range of entertainment, i.e., music, comedy, education, sports, and more. Moreover, no matter if it’s a channel like TNT or QVC for entertainment, you get this and so much more right on your TV. However, a subscription to a particular Spectrum package is mandatory such as Spectrum TV, Spectrum Silver, or Spectrum Gold to enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited channels throughout the United States.

All the mentioned above packages offer plentiful features such as watching your favorite channels like CNN on Spectrum or any other you like. In addition, Spectrum with its application enables you to watch your favorite shows even on the go. It may set users a bit more but that’s fine as far as the unlimited entertainment is concerned.

About CNN

Very much unlike movies and sports channels, i.e., HBO and NFL Network, CNN is an all-news and information channel. The company came into existence back in 1980 in the United States. In a short span of time, CNN got a huge popularity and now there are around 85-92 million subscribers in the US only.

The availability of CNN on Spectrum takes the enjoyment of news-freaks to new heights. No matter if you love watching news headlines or dramatic news, CNN has completely covered you. Since its inception, CNN strived hard to enhance the news-watching experience throughout the year.

How to Find CNN on Spectrum?

The whole Spectrum network is like a colossal ocean of channels with countless movies, shows, and much more. Thus, it makes a user almost impossible to find out or access his/her favorite channel in a matter of seconds. Well, we have compiled a list below with enough information to tune CNN on Spectrum according to your State or area.

City/Town CNN Channel # /HD CNN en Espanol
St. Louis, MO 38/787
Austin, TX 46
Bowling Green, KY 67 369
Lexington Metro Area, KY 30
Louisville, KY 34
Jeffersonville, KY 28 204
Tampa, FL 29
Orlando, FL 24 904
Columbia, SC 33 834
Florence, SC 38 834
Greenville, SC 43/788 208
Montgomery, AL 34/788 228
Birmingham Area, AL 37/228 788
Dothan, AL 34/327
City of Erie, PA 23
Wilmington, DE 38/834
Birmingham Area, AL 37/228 788
Charlotte, NC 32

Is Your State/Area Missing?

If your location or area is missing in the table above, don’t worry. Simply getting your hands on any internet-enabled device like smartphone, tablet, or laptop as a quick search online can help you get results in a jiffy. You can find many other channels – for instance, MLBN or CW by using the same method. Follow the simple steps below to carry out your online search:

  • Open up an Internet Browser
  • Type “What Channel is CNN on Spectrum in (Your Location)?”

“It’s important to note that if you are still unable to find the right channel number, you are requested to contact Spectrum Customer Service. They have an expert team of representatives to guide you accordingly.”

Shows You Should Never Miss on CNN

Without a shadow of a doubt, CNN is a highly admirable channel in the US for many reasons. They offer plentiful shows to grab your attraction such as:

  • CNN Tonight
  • Cuomo Prime Time
  • New Day
  • The Lead & more

You can also go through the other highlighted shows offered by CNN on Spectrum like opinion shows by the best anchorpersons. Furthermore, a user can take part in the show and share his/her thoughts on different hot topics with ease.


What Channel is CNN HD on Spectrum?

Have you subscribed to a specific Spectrum package to enjoy CNN? If you are already live, flip to channel 32 on Spectrum to start watching the news.

Which Spectrum Package Offers CNN Channel?

Spectrum is currently offering three different packages for you – Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum TV Silver, and Spectrum TV Gold. And interestingly, all these three channels are offering CNN in HD quality.

Does Spectrum itself Offer a TV Guide Channel?

Yes! The spectrum itself comprises a comprehensive guide to learn about packages subscriptions, program listings, channel information, and more.