A wide variety of American channels, including ESPN and others, have a marvelous impact on sports enthusiasts. Similarly, there are quite a few channels too with prodigious influence on politics, such as CNN. As for now, CNN comprises a huge range of audiences and that’s what makes it the most popular channel in America.

CNN doesn’t need any introduction as almost every single American already knows about it and watches it on a daily basis for news and other information. Not only in the US, but CNN covers all the exclusive events in the world. Whether it’s a kind of sports event or elections, CNN has covered everything.

CNN – A Quick Overview

Very much like TNT and NBC, the CNN channel has an interesting history to tell. It’s a short form of Cable News Network which is headquartered in Atlanta. For the time being, Warner Media owns this channel, but it was founded in 1980 by Ted Turner and Reese.

The company came into existence with a simple mission to provide the audience with a news broadcast around the clock. And excitingly, it has turned out to be true, and now CNN on DIRECTV as well as all other cable networks provides breaking news, live coverage, and much more.

Within a short span of time, CNN gained huge popularity in the United States and internationalized later. Currently, you can enjoy watching CNN in approx. 200 countries, including Japan and Canada.

What Channel is CNN on DIRECTV?

Without a doubt, CNN on DIRECTV is one of the prominent and highly admirable channels in the US. Besides, no matter which part of the world you are in, CNN is always ready to provide you with the latest and important news.

Well, for the US audience, CNN goes hand in hand with DIRECTV and other cable TV providers. And if you are wondering what channel is CNN on DIRECTV, here you go!

City State Channel Number
New York City New York 202
Los Angeles California 202
Chicago Illinois 202
Houston Texas 202
Phoenix Arizona 202
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 202
San Antonio Texas 202
San Diego California 202
Dallas Texas 202
Austin Texas 202
San Jose California 202
Fort Worth Texas 202
Jacksonville Florida 202
Columbus Ohio 202
Charlotte North Carolina 202
Indianapolis Indiana 202
San Francisco California 202
Seattle Washington 202
Denver Colorado 202
Washington District of Columbia 202
Boston Massachusetts 202
El Paso Texas 202
Nashville Tennessee 202
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 202
Las Vegas Nevada 202
Detroit Michigan 202
Portland Oregon 202
Memphis Tennessee 202
Louisville Kentucky 202
Milwaukee Wisconsin 202

CNN In Spanish on DIRECTV?

One of the major parts of CNN Network is CNN en Español, which is also owned by Warner Media. It’s basically a Pan-American Spanish channel you can enjoy watching on DIRECTV. It airs all the exciting TV shows alongside news in the Spanish language for the ease of Latino customers.

“Currently, CNN es Español Channel Number on DIRECTV is 419”

 DIRECTV Services

DIRECTV should be your first and foremost choice, especially when it comes to staying ahead of the game. This cable TV provider stands out in the competition due to its unique and state-of-the-art services in the United States. What actually helps DIRECTV stand atop all competitors is its channel lineup, which comprises around 275 channels including Nickelodeon and Paramount Network.

Moreover, there is a diverse range of mixed channels for all the family members to enjoy. If you like watching drama series, it offers TLC whereas CW is available for watching the latest and fantastic movies.

Aside from everything, DIRECTV offers its audience Ultra 4K HD content so that you can watch our favorite shows and movies in the best picture quality. Furthermore, you can watch two different channels side by side – thanks to its 2-in-1 display feature. It means you can watch your favorite TV shows and programs alongside watching CNN on DIRECTV to stay up-to-date.

CNN International – Worldwide Coverage

As we have already mentioned above, CNN provides its audience coverage throughout the world. Whether you are looking to get the latest updates on elections in the US or find out the real-time updates on football matches in Europe, CNN International has covered you.

What’s more? Not only news, but you can also get a chance to enjoy watching controversial and debatable talk shows when tuning to CNN on DIRECTV. Alongside this, CNN allows you to watch what’s happening in the business world, politics, and other things. To cut it short, while watching the CNN channel on DIRECTV, you can find a lot of news regarding celebrities, and so much more entertaining, undoubtedly.