Relations between customers and companies keep changing. Sometimes companies fail to provide services and quite often customers wish to go for someone else. Well, if you shop something after proper research, it wouldn’t cut your relationship with a product’s company.

The same applies to America’s renowned Internet and Cable services provider company Spectrum. It has a huge range of happy and returning customers but someone wishes to Cancel Spectrum Service, he/she can do it with quite a few simple steps.

Should You Cancel or Pause Services?

Well, it’s not always recommended to cancel the services especially when you move somewhere else for a short period of time. A customer can call Spectrum’s official phone number as ask them to put his/her services on hold for a couple of days or a month. Obviously, it’ll set customers back a bit but the bill on a monthly basis will be adjusted lower. However, this isn’t the case with Spectrum TV Choice and TV Stream subscribers. They will need to pay full charges.

Procedure to Cancel Spectrum Service

Perhaps your Internet speed is low and you are not completely satisfied with the package you have subscribed for. There are many reasons, in short when it comes to cancelling the Spectrum services. No matter what kind of issue is, Spectrum provides you with a convenient and hassle-free way to Cancel Spectrum Service. Here is how to do it!

  • Read Cancellation Policy

Although Spectrum provides an easy and convenient cancellation service it’s important to read the policy first. You’ll need to get familiar with all the terms and conditions described in a policy. According to the recently made changes in policy, Spectrum won’t offer pro-rata credit against its services. Therefore, services will be cancelled after paying the dues. After reading the policy, you can proceed further.

  • Call Customer Service

Spectrum is available with its dedicated customer services 24/7. So, in order to cancel all the services whether it’s Spectrum TV, Voice, or others, you’ll need to call at 1-866-200-7855. First, you’ll be transferred to the robot menu where you can choose an option to talk to a representative for cancellation.

  • Explain Your Problem

Forwarding a request for cancellation is quite simple. Simply ask a representative to cancel your services. He will, in response, will ask you the reason behind the cancellation. The easiest way to convince a representative is to tell you that you are moving somewhere else. However, speak the name of a location where Spectrum services aren’t available.

Be noted that Spectrum strives hard to serve its customers the best. Therefore, chances are a representative will ask you a couple of other questions. Simply answer all the questions confidently and they will cancel your services at the end.

  • The Procedure for Returning Devices

The last and last step is that you will need to return the devices Spectrum has provided you like Router or Modem. Get to know the complete procedure from the representative on how to return the devices. In case you don’t return them to the company, then the company has a right to charge you a significant amount of money against its devices.

Confirm Cancellation

If a representative has canceled your Spectrum TV and all other availed services, you’ll need to confirm the cancellation. We recommend you to call the service center once again and confirm the cancellation. Do ask them about your outstanding balance if you have it in your account.

Will Cancelling Leave a Negative Impact on Others?

Spectrum made some changes in its Cancel Spectrum Service policy recently. Now customers have to wait until the month-end before forwarding a request for cancellation. However, this was not the case before making changes and customers could have canceled the services without any significance.

Well, a customer has to clear all his/her outstanding and remaining bills before cancelling services due to different reasons. Exceptions aren’t available, unfortunately.

Change of Spectrum Services

Aside from everything for a short while, Spectrum allows you to change the services you are availing of. All you need to do is to make a call to Spectrum’s service center to ask for service changes. For instance, you can add, Spectrum Voice, TV channels, different packages, services and put services on hold, as mentioned above.