A sleep timer is one of the most useful features of Apple TV that relaxes users by turning off the TV before falling asleep. Apple TV automatically goes to sleep after a certain preset period. You can set a time at which your TV automatically goes to sleep each day.

If you want to use this feature but don’t know how to use it, then keep reading this post. Here, you’ll find the most basic yet important things about the Apple TV sleep timer.

Sleep Timer Not Working on Apple TV

Sometimes Apple TV displays certain issues while you attempt to set a sleep timer. More often, the TV stops working all of a sudden or shuts down completely. If you’re also dealing with any of these sleep timer problems, then first check your HDMI cable.

Unplug it from your Apple TV and then plug it in again. If it doesn’t solve the issue, either select to shutdown timer on the TV or try the following methods.

  • Update Apple TV Firmware

Updating Apple TV firmware helps in getting it to work again properly. Access the Settings button by scrolling down and clicking on it. Now, tap the System button. Go to Software Updates and hit Update Software.

Press Download and then click Install when you get any pending updates. Within just a few minutes, your new update will download. Don’t disconnect the device while downloading an update.

  • Use HDMI-CEC

Apple TV goes to sleep when the user goes to sleep. It is possible if the TV linked to the Apple TV user has HDMI-CEC and the same is activated. Note that it will function effectively only when the TV features its own sleep timer function.

The timer can be set on the TV if HDMI-CEC is not enabled due to any reason. The Apple TV will turn off at a certain time while the user will play in the background. Users go to sleep due to a lack of activity.

  • Back-Up & Restore Your Apple TV

There is a possibility that restoring your Apple TV could result in losing some or all data. So, it’s good to back your device before starting the restore process. Otherwise, Factory Settings can wipe your Apple TV.

To restore Apple TV, scroll to the Settings option on your Apple TV. Now, choose the System button. At last, click the Reset button. If it also doesn’t work, contact Apple customer support.

How to Set a Sleep Timer on Apple TV?

Apple TV Sleep Time

Usually, Apple TVs have the option to automatically put the machine on sleep mode upon a specific expiry time. To set the sleep timer, scroll to Settings when your device is turned on. Now, tap General and then click Sleep After.

Here, you will find several options, like 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Choose the option based on when you would like to put your device to sleep.

  • Ask Siri to Set Sleep Timer

Apple’s ‘Siri’ can help shut down the Apple timer after a certain period of inactivity. To ask Siri to perform this task, take Siri remote and tap the red Home icon. Press and hold this icon for a second. Now, tap on the Sleep button.

Choose Yes when an option appears asking if you wish your Apple TV to ‘Sleep Now’ to turn it to sleep mode. Once you hit the yes button, it will put your Apple TV to sleep.

  • Manually Set Sleep Timer

Another method is to put your Apple TV to sleep manually and instantly whenever you want to shut it down. For this, scroll to Settings on the home screen of your Apple TV. Hit it to open the Settings app.

Next, tap on Sleep Now. It will automatically get your Apple TV to take some time off until when you would require to start it again. It saves time by executing processes in a few clicks.

  • Turn Off Sleep Timer

You can turn off the Apple TV sleep timer while streaming TV shows. It will help to prevent the timer from interrupting your streaming by turning it on for a certain time. To turn it off, tap the Apple app on your Apple TV.

Next, click General and then tap Sleep After. To increase a certain time before sleep, use Delay Before Sleep. Change the timer to the Never option and put Apple TV to sleep manually whenever required.


Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming media players for watching TV shows, movies, and other media content. By default, it goes into sleep mode if left idle for about an hour. With the integrated sleep feature of your Apple TV, you can shut down the box right away or after a specific time.

It will help you in protecting your device from wear and save power. Moreover, you can prevent extra data consumption and save battery life.