Becoming a part of Spectrum means you get unlimited entertainment throughout the week. For instance, you get dozens of channels with countless entertainment shows, HD programs, comedy shows, on-demand libraries, and more. From premium channels like MLBN to sports channels like NFL Network, they have everything for every family member of your home.

That’s not all! In fact, there is more on Spectrum such as a TV application, International programming, and affordable packages for non-stop entertainment. With its different packages, i.e., TV Select, TV Gold, or TV Silver, Spectrum has more than 200 channel lineups for your entertainment. They have an American Broadcasting Company aka ABC on Spectrum which is available with a selected Spectrum package.

The reason behind having an ABC channel on Spectrum is that it’s the favorite channel of all the family members. It offers everything regardless of which group of age you belong to. It comprises a number of admirable shows like Black-ish, Grey’s Anatomy, and others for you to take your entertainment to the next level.

About ABC Company

Very much like Paramount Network and ESPN, ABC has a brief history to tell. The company came into existence back in 1943 as a radio network. However, the time flew by, and later in 1948, ABC decided to air entertainment on TVs.

A bit later – most probably in the 1980s, around 75% to 82% stakes on the iconic sports channel ESPN were bought by the cable entertainment corporation. In 1996, Disney came into play and bought AVC and it’s now functioning as a company. It supervises both ABC brand and Walt Disney content. ABC is also working with a Cable TV provider named Spectrum to provide content to millions of people across the United States.

ABC on Spectrum Guide

One of the major problems reported by subscribers is finding the right channel number for their entertainment. The problem occurs because channel numbers vary due to locations. However, we have compiled a list for you to find ABC on Spectrum by a State you are living in. Simply go through the table below, find out your location, and tune the channel with immediate effects.

City/Town  Channel #
Akron, OH 5
Albertville, AL 9 — HD 709
Austin, TX 5
California City, CL 7 — HD 707
Canton, OH 5
Charlotte, NC 4
Chipley, FL 13
Cleveland, OH 5 — HD 1005
Columbus, TX 13
Daytona Beach, FL 9 — HD 1090
Denton, TX 8
Houston, TX 13 — HD 1781
Louisville, KY 4
Melbourne, FL 7 — HD 1090
Milwaukee, WI 12
New York City, NY 7
Orlando, FL 7 – HD 1090
Petersburg, FL 11 — HD 1011
Raleigh, NC 9
Tampa-St, OH 11 — HD 1011

What Do You Get on ABC Channel?

  • Content for Kids

Alongside programs and movies, ABC Spectrum offers a lot more for your kids too. Although ABC doesn’t have an entirely separate channel for kids, it wasn’t the case before 2011. The company back in September 2011, decided to shut down the dedicated channel for kids and air shows on the major channel.

They have a number of interesting programs for kids, such as Peppa Pig, Arthur, Play School, Waybuloo, and a bit more.

  • ABC ME

ME is basically a channel from Australia. The US audience, however, may get confused with the ABC network. Rather than looking particularly for ME, look for ABC on Spectrum.

It provides you with countless family entertainment shows and much more. They have a wide number of categories to choose from. They will provide you with plentiful opportunities to watch and enjoy TV series as well as comedy shows. Moreover, on a weekend night, you can enjoy original movies. Hence, you no longer need to completely rely on HBO or other channels like NBC to watch movies.

  • Comedy Shows

ABC makes you feel relaxed after having the busiest day in the office with its multiple comedy shows to make you laugh in no time. With its number of interesting and comedy shows, you get a bit of everything in terms of entertainment.

Although different other channels for instance TLC and other air comedy shows, you can get an advantage of plentiful comedy shows at ABC. You no need to look for a separate ABC channel for comedy as the “Comedy ABC” channel has already merged with the major channel. So, get ready to laugh with your friends and family with comedy shows on ABC.

Still cannot find ABC on Spectrum in your area? We recommend you to contact Spectrum Customer Service with immediate effects. Their well-qualified representatives will guide you properly and provide you with details regarding channel numbers to watch your favorite shows with ease.